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Warehouse Management System Software

Saves time and allows maximum control over all your processes.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) software works with your automated storage and retrieval system. Designed to support and optimize your warehouse and distribution center processes in real time via a simple and intuitive user-friendly PC interface. The PC acts as a server with a full multi-user system. Saves time and allows maximum control over all your processes.

  • Basic to cloud based packages
  • Easy ERP integration
  • On-site installation and training offered

Project Management

We’ve got your back as a total systems partner.


Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and 24-Hour Emergency Plans.



OSHA certified and factory trained installers.




Static or dynamic management of locations without any inventory or warehouse redundancy.

ERP Integration:

Easy integration with ERP, MRP or other applications, providing precise and continuous exchange of information between these systems and Modula WMS.

Saves Time:

Traceability of materials and guided loading and unloading allow rapid order dispatch.


Can be customized and adapted to current management flows without impacting the company's organization.

Control & Efficiency:

Maximum control over processes via, automation of repetitive procedures, movement and route rationalization, and elimination of errors.

Simple To Use:

Operating procedures have been designed to guarantee immediate and easy use, even by non-specialist personnel.


Base Package

  • Free licensing fee on each order
  • Modula: Requires installation and separate PC
  • Part number call-up
  • Pick/Store list preparation
  • Controls Locations and Inventory
  • Hot picks and replenishments
  • Manual import/export to host ERP (Automatic import/export with Base Plus Package)

Standard Package

  • Automatic import/export to host
  • Part number sub code management
  • Custom reports
  • FIFO management
  • Automatic part-to-location matching

Additional Modules

Up to four additional modules are available to provide any of the following functions:

  • Manage off-carousel/VLM storage areas
  • Kitting and Batch picking
  • Packing List preparation
  • Track goods-in-transit
  • Min-max inventory levels
  • RF compatibility with lift truck devices
  • Web-based assistance with automatic updates

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