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Loading Dock Levelers

Get The Right Height with Dock Levelers

Dock levelers correct height differences between loading docks, loading platforms and truck or trailer beds.

Edge Of Dock Levelers

The EZ-Pull dock leveler design offers an affordable, ergonomic solution. The simple, smooth and easy to operate design eliminates the lifting and difficult positioning experienced with hook type dock levelers.

With this dock leveler, the latch assembly allows the operator to easily position the unit. With a low exertion pull and push on the handle the leveler is activated, moving the lip forward onto the trailer floor. Just as easily retracted by a simple pull of the handle back until the leveler lip is removed from the trailer and then a push on the handle moves the leveler back to storage position.

Pit Style Dock Levelers

We have a pit style dock leveler for your application. Mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered models are available in a large array of sizes and capacities ranging from 30,000 lbs to a heavy duty 80,000 lbs.

A simple push button control for sequenced deck and lip operation provides a full width contact between the lip and truck bed. During loading and unloading, pit dock levelers enable a seamless match between the dock and trailer height which minimizes cross-docking bounce. This style also helps to prevent damage to fork lifts, tires, steering system and load.

Our pit levelers contribute toward a positive LEED rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Make your facility environmentally responsible while saving energy and money.


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Vertical Storing Dock Leveler
Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

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