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Lift Assists & Load Positioning Devices

PalletPal Walkie

Reduce handling and processing time while increasing safety for your team.

An investment in ergonomics is a win-win for all. By reducing worker fatigue and the risk of injury, increased productivity and an improved bottom line is the direct result.

Ensure your team is operating in a safe and highly efficient work environment with W.W. Cannon’s wide range of ergonomic material handling lift solutions. Our lift solutions help to reduce materials handling time and processes, injury risks to your team, and damage to your equipment.

Our team of material handling specialists understand your industry and can find the right lift solution to protect your team and increase productivity. From Smart Lift Devices, Vacuum Lifters, Scissor Lifts, and Movers/Stackers, we’ll design, install, and maintain a system customized for your operations.



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