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Carton and Tote Lifts

Tote Lift for Conveyors

Lifts for cartons and totes provide ease and speed for conveyor and package handling.

Leaders in distribution and order fulfillment industries understand the importance of consistent movement. Moving parts, assemblies and finished product through your facility is a balancing act, and keeping all of these items safe is critical – as well as the safety of your employees.

Automated tote lifts – also known as carton elevators or package handling lifts – are perfect for smooth acceleration and deceleration control, in high-speed, automated systems. When integrated with conveyor, they can help you achieve maximum process efficiency through the automated transfer of materials between levels.

Always ready to serve, the durable, high-quality construction ensures reliable and long-term performance. These package handling lifts are completely self-contained, self-supporting and economical.

  • Built-in safety features.
  • Reliable and long-term performance.
  • Self-contained and economical.




Lift capacity:
50 to 75 lbs
Lifting speeds:
40 to 110 fpm (with soft-start and soft-stop motor controls)
Load sizes:
Up to 2' 6" wide x 3' high
Carriage platform:
An open framing system supports the carriage conveyor section
Loading/unloading patterns:
C-Load or Z-Load
Approx. 3' wide x 4' long (not including control panels or in-feed and discharge conveyor sections)
Conveyors are powered roller type. Horizontal speeds:
30 to 110 fpm


  • Full height perimeter guarding is integral to the system
  • Interlocked access door for cleaning and maintenance
  • Unit accesses a lower level and one or more stops above ground
  • Equipped with 3-phase TEFC brake-motors with a fast acting, spring-set electrical brake
  • Helical gear reducer transfers motion through a common drive shaft, sprockets, and dual-roller lifting chains
  • Unit is partially pre-wired to reduce installation time and cost.
  • The main UL listed control panel is integrated into the machine.
  • The standard control panel is rated NEMA 1 and is labeled UL-508A
  • System includes one section of in-feed conveyor, one section of carriage mounted conveyor, and one section of discharge conveyor

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