VRC Material Lift on Mezzanine Work Platform

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Hydraulic VRC Carriage Options

21 Series 2-Post Hydraulic VRC Lift

Straddle & Cantilever Carriage Options

The straddle and cantilever material lift configurations each have their opperational benefits. We’ll first assess your needs to determine your necessary load capacity, frequency, and loading/unloading requirements. Then we’ll help you choose which hydraulic material lift configuration will work best for your requirements by taking advantage of a high quality, cost effective configuration.

Straddle Hydraulic VRC Configuration

Best suited for single-level usage (ground plus one) and lower frequency cycle rates. The straddle material lift configuration permits the choice of either C or Z Loading/Unloading patterns, providing extra flexibility to maneuver loads in the direction desired.

Cantilever Hydraulic VRC Configuration

Best suited for single-level usage and lower frequency cycle rates. Choice of Loading/Unloading Patterns C, Z or 90 load patterns. Used for low overhead clearances and tall loads.


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Straddle Lifts Platform Sizes:
Up to 8 ft. wide x 12 ft. long
Straddle Lifts Loading / Unloading:
C-Load or Z-Load patterns
Cantilever Lifts Platform Sizes:
Up to 8 ft. wide x 6 ft. long
Cantilever Lifts Loading / Unloading:
C-Load, Z-Load, or 90-Degree loading patterns


  • Reduced bracing and lower wheel loads for extended service life
  • Reduces design loads and component wear
  • Provides flexibility to maneuver loads
  • Freestanding models available with optional support structure
  • Allows material movement with the smallest possible equipment footprint
  • May be used where headroom is restricted

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