Mezzanine Work Platform for VW Automotive Solution

Maximize Your Vertical Space and Increase Storage Capacity

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Warehouse Mezzanine Platform Systems

Elevated, Integrated Work Solutions for a Range of Applications

Mezzanine Work Platform for VW Automotive Solution

Warehouse Mezzanine Platform - Benefits

Increase Available Space

Take advantage of unused vertical space and increase capacity for manufacturing, storage, distribution, or office space at a fraction of the cost of new construction. 

Non-Permanent Construction

Constructed within an existing building, mezzanine platforms are flexible in initial set-up and reconfiguration.

Integrations for A Complete Work System

Warehouse mezzanine platforms have the available option to seamlessly integrate into work systems with additional equipment or storage, maximizing efficiency and workflow. 

Engineered to Code

W.W.Cannon, LLC engineers fully service all warehouse mezzanine platform systems to strict industry standards and code requirements, ensuring safety and efficiency of all applications. 

Built to Last

Warehouse mezzanine platform systems are designed and manufactured with the strongest materials to maintain performance for years of storage and work system capability. 



Distribution & Warehouse

Ecommerce & Retail

Food & Beverage



Third Party Logistics