Guard Rail Protecting Pedestrian Area From Forklifts

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Collision Protection, Barriers & Guardrail

Strategically guarding people, products and property against collision hazards.

Guard Rail Protecting Pedestrian Area From Forklifts

Prevent accidents before they happen – by ensuring your facility has PIT collision protection measures in place.

Forklifts and powered industrial trucks (PITs) are a common warehouse requirement for moving product, and they can cause serious problems in the workplace. Even the best-trained forklift operators can cause impact damage. Employee injury, lost time and productivity, and costly repairs are inevitable over time.

Our line of industrial safety guarding equipment offers comprehensive impact damage protection to all areas of your warehouse.  Minimizing the force of impact accidents caused by vehicles and people.

Our specialists excel at strategically guarding facilities against collision hazards. We understand how, when and where accidents typically happen. You can count on us to safeguard your system.

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