Steel Expandable Entry Gate

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Industrial Gates & Safety Barricades

Steel Expandable Entry Gate

Secure docks, doors, hallway openings and vulnerable areas.

Do you want to control the flow of entry to your garage or block your storefront overnight? Industrial gates and safety barricades offer cost-effective controlled access to entryways and barriers to avoid potential hazards. Whether your goal is to blockade off areas or direct pedestrian traffic, we have a solution that will work perfectly for you.

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Gates & Barrier Models

  • Folding Industrial Gates provide an added layer of protection for your entryways. Steel constructed double or single door gates are designed to secure entries while allowing unobstructed movement when swung open or folded flat to make way for shipments, wide loads or employees and guests.
  • Mobile Expandable Gates are set up quickly and easily wherever and whenever they are needed. Ideal for preventing potential accidents. Lightweight design allows personnel to quickly retrieve the gate to immediately limit access to unsafe areas.
  • Personnel Guidance Barriers help to keep pedestrian lines flowing smoothly. An economical solution for restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, and banks.
  • Polyethylene Traffic Barriers have a durable, molded interlocking design. Works well for parking areas and public gatherings. Ideal for traffic and crowd control. They come in orange, yellow or white. Barricades may be filled with sand or water to provide a stronger barrier. Reflective stripes make the barricades highly visible in the evening.

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