Stop and Go Loading Dock Lights

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Collision Awareness & Sensors

Stop and Go Loading Dock Lights

Keep your loading dock and high traffic areas safe.

We know that collision awareness is crucial to the operation of your facility.  The solution to managing traffic flow is as simple and familiar as a stop light with the Light Communication System.  It’s an efficient, cost-effective solution to instantly improve communication between truck drivers and your dock personnel.

The simple red and green dock safety lights – universally recognized as “stop” and “go” – provide clear signals to dock workers inside and truck drivers outside. Your dock operations will function much more safely and efficiently.


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Maintenance & Repair

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OSHA certified and factory trained installers.



  • Clearly visible 'stop' and 'go' lights
  • Two 12-volt automotive bulbs
  • Inside toggle switch manually changes lights between green and red
  • Middle switch position provides 'red-red' safety condition
  • One inside and two outside caution signs
  • UL Listed
  • Extended bulb life


  • Create awareness at blind corners - Look Out 1 & 2
  • Create awareness at blind corners and intersections - Look Out 3 & 4
  • Create awareness of activity through blind doorways - Hall Door Monitor
  • Create awareness of activity through blind overhead - Overhead Door Monitor
  • Create awareness of movement inside trailers - Dock Watcher 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Create awareness at office doorways - Office Door Monitor
  • Create awareness of activity of order pickers around blind intersections - Order Picker
  • Warning sensor to create awareness of overhead obstables for fork truck drivers - Fit Packages

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