Forklift safety barrier guarding solutions

Prevent Forklift Collision Damage with Affordable Safe Guarding Solutions

Forklift accidents are at the top of the list for potential hazards in most distribution centers and warehouses.  Collision accidents are quite common, so it remains a high priority to safeguard pedestrians and equipment in facilities where any type of industrial lift trucks are used.

Affordable Collision Prevention Solutions

If you’re operating forklifts or industrial lift equipment in your facility, we highly recommend the following equipment to keep your workers safe, greatly reducing risk, while cutting cost on liabilities.

Guardrail Barrier Systems

Withstands 10,000 lbs. of Impact

Promote a safe and efficient work environment by installing guardrail perimeter barriers.  Withstands 10,000 lbs. of impact with proper installation.

Protects in-plant buildings, expensive equipment, and clearly  defines pedestrian walkways from dangerous traffic areas.

Post Protectors

Keep your pallet rack and products intact – rack post protectors anchor to the floor to prevent damage from forklift collision. End-Of-Aisle protectors available for the full width of your rack upright.

Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Protect the workers under your products with pallet rack safety nets – reduce the safety hazard of falling items into the work area. Cost effective, durable solution.

Steel Bollards

Protects dock doors, equipment, buildings from collision damage. Steel bollards are sturdy and effectively absorbs impact.

Safety Gates

Helps to prevent heavy equipment or products from rolling off your dock. Safety and security gates provide controlled access and helps to direct safe pedestrian traffic.

Safety Lights & Mirrors

Provide proper lighting and visual cues to commonly hazardous warehouse areas by installing safety lights and mirrors. Easy to mount on installed dock arms.  LED energy efficient lighting available.

Collision Awareness

Improve critical communication between truck drivers and dock workers. Collison awareness systems  provide clear signals instantly recognized as ‘stop and go’.  Creates awareness at blind intersections or overhead areas.

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent and potentially avoid forklift related accidents – and making your facility safe for workers, pedestrians, and equipment is something we specialize in.

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