Starrco Modular Office System for Arlington TX Salvation Army

Modular Building Systems Provide Fast Office Space to Meet Growth and Budget

Challenge: Limited office space without the capability for permanent construction or relocating.
Solution: Custom engineered Starrco Modular Office building system.  
Result: New professional office space built within the warehouse to accommodate a growing management team – utilizing their current space.

Accommodation for New Growth to Meet Greater Community Needs

The Arlington TX Salvation Army has seen steady growth and change, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and recent extreme weather scenarios in Texas. These circumstances have led to an increasing need for the organization’s benevolent work, which is fueling their expansion. 

“Their resources have been taxed due to COVID,” Material Handling Specialist Rode Chambers said. “They provide almost everything from meals to showers. There’s an ever-increasing need for their services.” 

As their operations continue to grow due to greater community need, their expanding team has been experiencing tighter quarters.  They were splitting a single office between several members and realized they needed to expand the amount of dedicated workspace for their management team. They wanted them to have a more private, contained space to work within allowing for less distractions. 

The Salvation Army and W.W. Cannon go way back so once again, they looked to us to come up with a cost-effective, efficient solution. 

Solution: Starrco Modular Office, In-Plant Building System

The Salvation Army was familiar with our innovative approach to problem solving and systems design.  Creating an efficient office space within the Arlington warehouse required a budget-conscious, custom solution which would allow them to seamlessly continue their operations during their sudden state of growth. 

As the largest Starrco distributor in Texas, we chose a Starrco modular office building system that could be built right within their warehouse.  The modular design allows the office to be resized and relocated to fit the organization’s future needs.  For a professional clean appearance, the modular walls are prefabricated with window and door options and are fully outfitted with electrical wiring and optional HVAC which makes them a fast, easy to install, office solution.

Fast and Efficient Installation Without Building Permit Hassles

“They appreciated how quickly and efficiently we completed the job,” Chambers said. “The building was installed by our team the day after they received it. They can be built that fast.” 

Modular buildings and offices can be easily taken down and relocated. They can also be resized, making them a true turnkey solution to accommodate evolving business needs. 

Because they wanted to use their own AC window unit, they ordered their modular building without air conditioning.  In order to ensure it was installed safely and correctly, they asked our team to provide the installation.  We fabricated a space for the unit and got it ready for their immediate use – keeping them cool during the Texas summer heat.

“We designed the modular building and built it according to their needs. They were able to move in the minute we finished the installation,” said Chambers. 

Result: Fast, Professional Office Building, Right Within Their Own Warehouse

Once our certified and professional installation crew finished cleaning up, the management team moved in. The climate-controlled building system now serves as a comfortable office space within their own warehouse; safely housing computers and essential office equipment.

“Their management team now has a dedicated workspace, allowing them to complete tasks more efficiently within a less crowded, quiet environment,” Chambers said. 

According to Chambers, the Salvation Army is satisfied with their new modular office space and the W.W. Cannon team is happy to do their part to help them improve the Arlington community.  We’re looking forward to partnering with them again in the future.

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