Wire Decking Application Meets the Need of our Aerospace Defense Customer

1.imageMade in America – W.W. Cannon partners with Nashville Wire Products to provide a cost effective wire deck solution.

A large defense contractor was consolidating two buildings into one and was looking for pallet rack and cantilever rack to hold its stock. The contractor had previously done work with W.W. Cannon and knew that the storage dealer could help them realize the vision they had for the building.

Prior to this consolidation, the contractor had been using imported wire decking. However, with the increased storage, it tasked W.W. Cannon President Greg Brown with finding a more durable product to hold its loads.

“Nashville Wire Products  (NWP) has a better wire mesh decking for pallet rack than what they had been using and it is made in America, which was important to the customer,” Brown says. “They actually asked us to put on our proposal that this was certified as “Made in America.”

Brown proposed installing Pallet-shelf decking in the consolidated building.
“They had been using six-gauge wire and were looking for something a little stronger, “Brown says. “We proposed using a five-gauge, which is a little heavier and is rated for a higher capacity, which appealed to them. They were very into that. They didn’t want the cheapest thing, they wanted the best value.”

Satisfied with the Pallet-Shelf solution, the contractor would again call on Brown and W.W. Cannon soon after.

“They had another situation where they had this cantilever rack system and basically wanted to deck the cantilever rack.” Brown says, “So instead of selling them furniture cantilever we were able to get a wire deck from Nashville Wire Products that was 79 in. wide and 48 in. deep with a higher 2,000 pound capacity. Then, the customer came back and bought this product from us again in a 60 in. x 48 in. 3,000 pound configuration.”

Brown worked with NWP’s Regional Sales Manager Gunner Pendleberry on all three projects, which totaled more than $100,000 between them.

“When we came across the customer that valued “Made in America,” and higher quality products, we knew that NWP Wire Decking was a solution we could offer and felt good that we were giving them the high-quality product they wanted.” Brown says. “When you have high quality customers, you need high quality vendors and you want to put product in that lasts for years and years, because you’re going to be in there year after year quoting them new product. You don’t want to be walking by old product that you’re ashamed of.”

Distributor: W.W. Cannon
Supplier: Nashville Wire Products

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Article by Steve Guglielmo MHEDA Journal

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