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Cantilever Storage Racking

Cantilever Rack for Lumber Yard

Ideal for storing long product and lumber.

Cantilever rack systems are a perfect solution for hard to store materials such as furniture, lumber, steel pipe, tubing, rebar, and PVC piping.

Cantilever systems use arms or beams cantilevered from columns. Primarily used where there’s a need for a full, clear shelf that can be loaded from the front without obstruction from rack support uprights. Tension fasteners, which incur only minimal shearing stresses, are used to secure the uprights to the rack base.

Recessed decking on beds is often installed on cantilever racks to provide a flush surface that eliminate snags and damage incurred during handling. Maximum load bearing is provided due to a solid construction of hot, rolled, welded steel and steel bolted systems.

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  • Load capacities range from 700-1,000 lbs per arm
  • Rack capacities range up to 33,000 lbs and up to 6,500 pounds per pair of arms
  • Clear visibility of bulk or hard to store items, making stock control easy
  • Maximum load bearing capability for bulky, heavy items
  • Multi-level storage capabilities (multiple arms) give high-density, multiple-product storage ability, which optimizes the use of storage area and allows easy accessibility



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