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Cage Fans

An Industrial Take on a Classic: The Cage Fan

Cage fans are air circulators that have a round, protective metal cage surrounding the blades and can be wall- or pedestal-mounted – a take on a true classic! Because of their design, airflow is more focused than with a drum fan, making it perfect for spot cooling. Choose from powder coated or stainless-steel finishes. With both 2- and 3-speed fans available, your workers can control the intensity of the airflow based on their comfort preference and the ambient temperature. Compared to air conditioning, these classic fans are cost-effective and energy efficient, leading to significant savings on electricity bills. Many companies can cut back on AC usage since these fans help distribute the AC’s cool air more evenly around the room, increasing the effectiveness of air flow and reducing the room’s humidity levels, thereby preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Combine cage fans with energy efficient HVLS ceiling fans to effectively cool large areas. The HVLS ceiling fans establish a strong airflow that moves air over long distances, covering a considerable portion of the large area. This helps in circulating fresh air and reducing stagnant zones. However, their configuration, ideal for promoting generalized air movement on a large scale, might not be as effective in addressing smaller, confined areas needing specific cooling or ventilation. This is where our cage fans come in. With its high-powered motor and focused airflow, cage fans effectively target and cool down specific areas that need additional ventilation, such as workstations, machinery, or any place where heat tends to accumulate. Our pedestal-mounted version is portable and can easily be moved around the space, providing flexible and localized air movement exactly where needed. Our solutions experts are happy to visit your facility and make recommendations for a total facility solution or a single problem area. Did I mention we also install and service everything we sell? Review our preferred supplier brochures and give us a call today! Where a Cage Fan is indispensable: o Warehouses & Storage Facilities o Agricultural Settings o Industrial Workshops o Entertainment Venues o Commercial Kitchens o Fitness Centers & Gymnasiums o Construction Sites o Automotive Repair Shops o Aviation Facilities


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