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Wire Partitions, Secured Access Cages, and Storage Lockers

Wire partition panels are a versatile and cost-effective solution for creating security, separation, and safety in high-risk areas. Secure your supplies and simplify storage with wire cages and storage lockers.

Wire partition panels, cages, and storage lockers are a cost-effective, heavy-duty, and convenient way to secure valuables and inventory, secure entryways to limit access to your facility, create temporary holding cells, protect and separate machinery and personnel, prevent loads from falling through or off of pallet rack systems, and much more.

Wire partitions, cages, and storage lockers provide visibility into secured areas, allowing for monitoring and surveillance without compromising security. The best feature is that they can be customized to fit specific space requirements and configurations, offering design and layout flexibility. Compared to traditional construction methods like brick or solid walls, wire partitions are often more cost-effective to install and maintain. In addition, they are highly durable and resistant to damage, ensuring long-term protection and security. Wire mesh construction allows for air circulation, which is beneficial where ventilation is necessary. They’re a great way to ensure your warehouse or manufacturing facility complies with security regulations by providing physical barriers and access control measures.

Rearranging your warehouse or manufacturing facility, or moving to a new facility? No problem! Their modular design and construction using lightweight materials (welded or woven wire mesh), and basic installation tools such as bolts and nuts means they are easy to disassemble and move, creating flexible workspaces that can be adapted to changing needs.

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