Secured Access Wire Partitions for Inventory and Parts Storage

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Machine Guard Wire Partitioning

Increase Safety with Secured Machine Guard Partitioning

Protect and separate your property, equipment, and personnel with Wire Machine Guarding systems by WireCrafters. An incomparable level of safety and security can be achieved with wire perimeter guarding systems.

Always on Guard

These fully-framed woven wire or welded wire mesh panels bolt to posts forming a strong, secure barrier around dangerous automated equipment. Unlike high-tech light curtains and switch mats that are subject to electrical malfunctions, these safety systems are always on guard. We carefully adhere to requirements and provisions of ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999, SS-EN 953, CSA-Z432, and CSA-Z434 standards for machine guarding.

Easily Customizable & Configurable Machine Guarding Panels

The RapidWire HD machine guarding and perimeter guarding system utilizes a modular wire mesh panel design which allows for multiple combinations of standard parts to meet your specific space and guarding requirements. We offer a full line of optional accessories such as hinged doors, sliding doors, and lift out panels to integrate with your machine guarding system.


Project Management

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Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and 24-Hour Emergency Plans.



OSHA certified and factory trained installers.



  • Standard height of 6’-2” with 1’ sweep.
  • Custom size panels and special heights available.
  • Fully framed panel adds strength and stability unequaled in the industry.
  • Hinged, double hinged, sliding and vertical rise doors available.
  • Angle frame design gives installer clear access to hardware, speeding installation.
  • Assembly hardware is inaccessible from the secured side of the guarding.
  • All hardware including anchors included.
  • Standard 3/8” mounting hardware is the heaviest in the industry.
  • Panels may be ordered in alternate woven and welded mesh options, expanded metal, sheet metal, or clear polycarbonate.
  • Safety Interlocks available with mounting plates.



Machine Guarding – 24/7 Security

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