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Woven & Welded Wire Mesh Panels

What's the difference between woven and welded wire mesh?

Woven Wire Mesh Panels

WireCrafterWoven wire mesh style panels are the most popular application. The Style 840 mesh is most requested by the automotive industry, drug manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, storage controlled environments, liquor distribution, computer server companies, the United States government, and Federal Reserve.

Since the Style 840 woven wire mesh is most requested, it is In Stock with 48 Hour Shipping after your order is placed. Whether you need 6, 8, 10 or 12 gage woven wire, you can request a custom fit to your unique specifications.

Why Woven Wire Mesh? Glad you asked!
  • In Stock with 48 Hour Shipping
  • Creates the most reliable, strongest, and sturdiest secured enclosures
  • Used most frequently by government agencies
  • Competitively priced

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

WireCrafterSurprisingly, welded wire mesh panels are lighter than woven wire mesh due to the expert craftsmanship by WireCrafters.

The wiring process does not crimp during the welding process which produces a lighter storage cage. That is crimping – not skimping – in strength, practicality and value!

Most widely used for gear lockers, pallet rack back and security.

Why Welded Wire Mesh? Great question!
  • Cost effective welded mesh
  • Lighter, easier to relocate equipment
  • Strong enough to endure tough demands

Expanded Metal Panels

WireCrafterExpanded metal, unlike wire mesh, is made of a single solid sheet of steel that’s been compressed and stretched. Because it’s fabricated from a single piece of material, it tends to be stronger than wire mesh of the same thickness and requires less welding.

WireCrafter’s wire partition products also include a 16 gauge sheet metal and 1/4” clear poly-carbonate use.

You can count on our expert team of material handling and storage specialists. We’ll help you find the best wire panel option for your application.


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