Starrco Modular Office Partition Wall Panels for Social Distancing Requirement

Modular Wall Panels Convert Open Spaces Into Divided Work Areas for Safe Social Distancing

Due to the global pandemic, companies must adopt new standards of practice.  According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), 49% of companies surveyed stated that they need an emergency response plan.  

Emergency Response Plan

In many states, OSHA requires companies to create an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).  This program is put in place to ensure a safe working environment and helps reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries as well as protection from illnesses such as COVID-19.  Learn more about OSHA’s COVID-19 Safety Practices.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses, and should be a part of every IIPP, is a plan to maintain a 6 foot distance between employees within open work spaces.  We can help you solve this by converting open work spaces into divided, modular office enclosures.  These can be constructed as high-walled, open-ceiling partition panels or a completely enclosed workspace with ceiling, doors and windows.

Starrco Modular Wall Systems now available as a rush order for all CV-19 related projects. For faster assistance, call 800-442-3061.

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Portable Modular Wall Systems Create Safe, Separated Work Areas

To maintain safety, the cubicle concept is back.  We can help you efficiently and quickly turn your open areas into enclosed, safe workspaces with Starrco’s office wall panel dividers.  

Our design and layout team will make the most efficient use of your space, while adhering to the 6 foot distance requirement.  To minimize disruption, our professional installation crew, who strictly follow our new COVID-19 Policy, will install the partition enclosures to work around your schedule – even on the weekend.  

No other construction option can deliver the speed, flexibility, and total solution that Starrco Modular Wall Systems deliver.

1. Temporary Solution with Permanent Quality

  • Cost-effective way to enforce safe separation of workers.
  • Tall dividers can provide privacy, without affecting existing lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression.
  • Open spaces converted to individual offices can be quickly erected with no mess.
  • Professional look and feel of a high-quality office space.

2. Easy To Clean & Disinfect Surface

  • Temporary modular panels are made of smooth vinyl laminated walls for fast cleaning and disinfecting. Disinfectant cleaner can be sprayed directly and wiped down quickly. 

3. Modular & Reconfigurable Panels

  • Flexible and easy to adjust, the wall panels can be moved into new layouts as your business needs change. 
  • Save money with quick tax depreciation due to temporary construction – ask us how.

4. Easy Installation & Fast Assembly

  • Pre-configured wall panels are precision cut at the factory, customized for your space.
  • No onsite cutting or trimming means no mess.
  • All packaged parts are labeled at the factory for fast identification.
  • CAD drawings provide all the installers need to get you up and running fast.

4. Simple Plug-n-Play System with Options

  • Wiring is built-in so no need for extension cords or electricians.
  • Glass doors and windows are available for an open work space feel.
  • Ceilings, lighting, electrical, and HVAC can be provided for environmental control and sound management. 
  • Many accessories available to customize work spaces.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your team adopt social distancing regulations while still providing a social, safe, and comfortable place to work. If you need faster pricing, call 800-442-3061.

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