Starrco Modular In-Plant Office Buildings

Install a building in 5 days? In-Plant Office for MCI, Dallas TX

Starrco Modular In-Plant Office BuildingsStart to Finish in 2 Weeks?

Our friends at Motor Coach in Dallas TX (MCI – motor coach service center) called us in a real bind!  They ordered a prefabricated in-plant office building from our competitor and discovered that company couldn’t deliver in time.

MCI was hosting an open house with personnel coming in from all over the country and needed a new organized, professional office area.  No time to waste.  Their request was to have a multiple office in-plant building bought and installed within 2 weeks.

Area designated for In-Plant Office in Dallas TX
Area designated for In-Plant Office

Our response – No Problem!

We contacted our long-term manufacturer buddy, Starrco, with the request for the turnaround time. With their in-stock supply of prefabricated modular office units and our in-house teams of installers, the deadline could easily be met.

Quick Clean Up

Sometimes we all struggle with where or how to store miscellaneous items.  The area that was desigated for the new in-plant building was filled with oil pump barrells and other accumulated items.  Our installation crew started in on the cleanup and relocation of the items and had it done in time for the install.

Walls going up on modular office building in Dallas TX
Walls going up on modular office building

5 Day Install

The Starrco modular office building arrived and installation began on 5/19.  The prefabricated design allows for easy construction.  Our experienced installation technicians had the entire building finished by 5/24.  In 5 days!

Completed in-plant modular office space. Ready to move in. Dallas TX
Professional and organized – in-plant modular office space.

Our Goal – Happy Customers

Our friends at MCI were extremely pleased with our ability to supply their needs within their timeframe.  Their parts department manager and personnel were set up in offices before the open house – organized and professional!

Starrco Modular Offices

Flexibility – Wall panels and framework are pre-finished and 100% reusable. Makes modifying and expanding quick and easy.

Pre-engineered – Wall systems allow for multiple configurations: two-story offices, load-bearing systems and single person portable offices.

Structural – Engineered to be durable and maintenance free.

Installation – Ships pre-finished and cut to size, allowing for quick installation. Includes detailed CAD drawing and material list. Components individually labeled for easy identification of parts.

Taxes – Products can be fully dismantled, relocated and reassembled. Classified as tangible property with a seven (7) year depreciation life (in lieu of the 39-year life of conventional construction).

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