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Pallet Flow Racking Systems

Heavy-Duty Pallet Flow Rack System

Perfect high-density storage for fast-moving throughput systems.

High-density pallet flow racking systems use conveyor wheel sections which are installed on an incline to create a gravity flow of pallets to the front or pick face. Pallet flow racking is the perfect system for fast-moving items and serve to increase throughput and density of storage.

Flow rack for pallet storage consists of standard rack integrated with gravity flow rails and gravity flow speed controllers. Flow rails decline from the loading side of the pallet rack to the unloading side of the pallet rack. The speed of the pallet, as it moves down the flow rails, is controlled by speed controllers. As one load is removed from the unloading side of the pallet flow rack, the next load flows down into the unloading position.


Project Management

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Maintenance & Repair

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  • Provides high-density storage with multiple order picking levels
  • Saves labor costs and valuable floor space
  • Take advantage of unused storage space
  • FIFO (First-In/First-Out) flow system
  • Ideal for expiry dated materials
  • An almost solid volume of usable storage space
  • Space, manpower and utilities savings

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