Fall Protection Systems to protect your loved ones.

Falling For You But Not Off The Equipment – Fall Protection on Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and people everywhere are falling in love.  And we all know how those emotions can drive a person to distraction!  So, we want to make sure everyone is safe at work – especially when you’re working at heights over 4’ high on Valentine’s Day.

Love & The Work Environment

Fall Protection Safety Harness in Dallas TXWhat does all this “falling in love” mean for your work environment?  Here’s a few physical symptoms of falling in love and how that can affect work:

  • Experiencing sleeplessness and loss of appetite. This could lead to making costly mistakes – we all know how important sleep and breakfast are.
  • You can’t get that person out of your head. Which could mean trouble concentrating on what you’re doing – how can you even think about work.
  • Feeling a genuine rush when you think of that special someone. Potential moments of dizziness that could lead to loss of balance and literal falling – ouch.

You Can Fall – But Not Off The Equipment

You can’t stop your workers from falling in love, nor would you want to. But you can prevent serious accidents from happening when their focus is not entirely on safety.

We’ve got a great solution to keep your workers safe while they’re falling (not literally we hope).  We’ll keep them tethered so that if they do fall off of equipment or structures, injury can be prevented!

Gorbel Fold-Away Fall Protection System

Gorbel Fold-Away Fall Protection SystemA cost-effective, quality system that we like to recommend is the Gorbel Fold-Away Fall Arrest System.  The concept is simple – deploy it when you need it, and fold it back when you’re done, maintaining productivity without compromising safety.  It’s the perfect solution for work cells requiring access to overhead cranes, when valuable floor space is limited, or when fall protection is necessary.

We can also supply on-site training for your workers as well as educational videos.  The videos are especially helpful for the distracted worker as they may need to watch the videos several times – repetition is good to ensure the message sinks in.

Watch our 2 minute Fall Protection System training video!

If you suspect that you have “workers in love” reach out to us immediately for free consultation.  To speak to us directly, call us today at 800-442-3061.  We may not be relationship experts but we can keep your workers safe from falling, even while they’re falling.



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