Mezzanine Work Platform for VW Automotive Solution

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Structural Steel Work Platforms

Mezzanine Work Platform for VW Automotive Solution

Custom engineered, free-standing structural steel platform systems offer the greatest flexibility.

We’ll custom engineer the right elevated floor solution to meet your application requirements with a free-standing structural steel mezzanine platform system.  Designed for a wide range of applications from small light-duty platforms to large-span heavy-duty industrial mezzanines.

Free-standing steel work platforms offer greater flexibility in set-up and reconfiguration. Due to their ability to reassemble, they’re considered capital equipment rather than a permanent part of the building, so can be depreciated over a shorter period of time – providing you with huge tax savings.

Total mezzanine systems integration to create a complete work system.

We have the experience of integrating our warehouse mezzanines with additional equipment to create a complete work system. Wire partitions, material lifts (VRC), conveyors, modular offices, high-density storage, asrs, pick systems, lighting, and fire suppression systems can be integrated to create custom material handling solutions.

Accessories and Safety Features

We offer a full range of mezzanine accessories and safety equipment, which can be seamlessly integrated with your mezzanine system to maximize efficiency and workflow.  Options for floor decking, stairs, and gates are chosen based upon your requirements.  Our mezzanines offer built-in safety features such as handrail, slip resistant tread, kick plates, and more.

Engineered to code and built to last.

Due to strict industry standards and code requirements, mezzanine platform systems are fully designed by engineers to ensure the safety and efficiency of your specific application.

  • Eliminates the need for permanent construction
  • Complete integrated work systems
  • Engineered to code and built to last



  • Custom designed and manufactured to your specification requirements
  • Designed for easy, fast installation - reduces interruption to your workflow
  • Does not require outward expansion of your facilities - no permanent construction
  • Specially engineered components quickly bolt together to form a strong and secure unitized structure
  • Heavy-duty columns are standard (larger sizes available), along with thick baseplates, providing rigid support while eliminating obstructing bracing.

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