Teardrop Rack System with Wire Decking for Automotive Storage DC

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Pallet and Storage Rack Systems

Let W. W. Cannon’s solutions experts take your requirements and create custom rack systems designed to maximize warehouse space and optimize product flow.

Your storage space must keep up with the demands of a fast-changing market. A storage system optimized for organization and product flow is critical for any successful warehouse -and our pallet rack systems are designed to do just that. The open design of pallet rack enhances visibility and accessibility to inventory, improving inventory management and reducing picking and replenishing errors.

Our pallet rack systems can be designed to accommodate a variety of applications. Do you need to maximize your warehouse’s vertical space, reducing the need for increased floor space? Or maybe you have inventory management requirements such as FIFO (First-In, First-Out) and LIFO (Last-In, First-Out)? Or, you may have an application where the height of your warehouse can be used to facilitate the gravity flow of palletized or carton inventory for enhanced picking and fulfillment.

We also offer a full line of pallet rack accessories and safety products including but not limited to wire decking, perforated decking, row spacers, pallet supports, frame, column and post protectors, end-of-aisle rack guards, and sprinkler heads.

From design consultation to onsite project management and installation, W. W. Cannon can take your distribution center, warehouse storage, or retail space and add a pallet rack solution that maximizes space and optimizes product flow – and meet your budget needs and timeline. Did we mention that we have decades of experience navigating the permitting and code compliance process? Mismanagement of these issues can lead to project delays, emphasizing the importance of our expertise in handling them effectively. We also offer rack inspection and preventative maintenance services for your existing systems. Moving your warehouse? We can help with that, too! Contact us today and let one of our experts configure a cost-efficient and space-optimized storage solution – on time and within your budget.

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