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Creating New Office Space With Modular Building Systems

Our Client

Texas Pride Fuels is a fuel distribution company that provides fuel, lubricants and services to industries that traditional fuel distributors do not service. Their market covers Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico as well as Texas – and since the energy business in this region is booming, the company is experiencing rapid growth. In other words – they’re hiring!

The Challenge

Creating new modular office space with Starrco modular building solutions - corridor view 1As can be imagined, the company’s recruiters are incredibly busy. Unfortunately, they worked in a crowded office in a singlewide commercial trailer, seated right out in the open. This resulted in intolerable noise levels and reduced efficiency.

Texas Pride’s HR director soon realized that this work environment was not conducive to effective recruiting. They first considered a brick and mortar solution – hiring a carpenter to come in and build separate office enclosures for each recruiter. Was there a modular solution to this problem? According to W.W. Cannon sales expert Rode Chambers:

“They did what any of us would do – type ‘modular offices’ into Google and wound up at the Starrco website.”

Starrco, a Missouri-based manufacturing company, specializes in modular office buildings and interior office systems. They contacted Starrco and discovered that W.W. Cannon is Starrco’s distributor in Texas; his next call was to Rode Chambers.

The Solution

Creating new modular office space with Starrco modular building solutions - corridor view 2After his initial phone conversation with TX Pride, Chambers visited their recruiting facility to review the situation, take measurements and photographs, and finalize details such as: how many walls were needed, door and window placement, and soundproofing requirements. All recoreded requirements were used to create a custom CAD drawing which was presented to TX Pride. Chambers says –

“It’s possible to present these modular concepts by email & phone calls, but in my experience it’s better to do it face-to-face. I like to discuss the project design and any needed modifications in person. I also like to see the area and evaluate. In this case, one office needed to be bigger.”

The Process

The project timeline, from the first call to the end of the install, took about 6 weeks. The installation only took 2 days with two technicians onsite as the office’s existing flooring and ceiling components were used. This resulted in very little disruption to employee workflow. Chambers again:

“Texas Pride’s owner came by during the install and was thrilled with the result. He plans to have us do more Starrco installs at additional facilities in the future.”

For additional safety and efficiency, W.W. Cannon’s own professional installation crew provided the install.

Why Starrco Modular Building Solutions?

In the past, W.W. Cannon has looked at other, similar modular office suppliers. Most of them are good companies, but none of them were the caliber of Starrco.

“Pricing is competitive in this industry, and you pay for what you get, but we’ve found over the years that Starrco’s quality is better than anybody else out there. We get things done with Starrco,” says Chambers.

Experience has also shown that If there are special project circumstances (like a quicker-than-usual deadline) Starrco will work with W.W. Cannon to get the project done right the first time. And because Starrco products are modular, their office components can be moved into any new facility that Texas Pride Fuels may require in the future.

“The modular office solution from Starrco worked out well for everyone. The recruiters at Texas Pride now have quiet offices; it was a very cost-effective solution for company management; and W.W. Cannon has another satisfied customer.”

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