Ball Metal Container Corp Benefits from Prefab Modular Buildings in Dallas TX

Prefab Modular Buildings Saving Big Space, Time & Taxes

Prefab Modular Buildings

Space for quality control testing with proximity to all factory operations was a recent need for one of W.W. Cannon’s clients. Handled by material handling equipment expert, Tony McMenomy, the project was filled quickly and efficiently with a Starrco modular building system.

Our Client – a global packaging and aerospace business
Ball Metal Container Corporation is a packaging and aerospace company with a worldwide presence.  The business, based in Brookfield CO, has over 100 locations and some 18,000 employees worldwide. They offer metal beverage packaging, metal food packaging, metal aerospace packaging, and other technology and aerospace services. It can trace its roots to 1880.

The Challenge – a need for testing space
In Ball Corporation’s beverage container division a plant in Conroe TX, recently had expanded the line operation and was in need of space set aside specifically for product testing.

“They were testing in another part of the factory that was not conveniently located,” said McMenomy, Houston Territory Manager for W.W. Cannon.

W.W. Cannon had worked with Ball Corporation in the past, and so the beverage container division sought consultation from WWC on how to best create space for their testing process. Eliminating the need to keep moving products to another part of the operation for quality control would save them significant money over time.

“They wanted a central spot not necessarily right on the production floor, but close enough that it was easily accessible,” McMenomy said.

The Solution – prefabricated modular in-plant building
Ball Metal Container Corp Benefits from Prefab Modular Buildings in Dallas TXAfter listening closely to Ball Corporations need to separate space carved out from operations but also in close proximity to production and offices, McMenomy recommended installing an in-plant modular office building made by Starrco to keep processes efficient.

Starrco’s pre-engineered modular systems are “easily customizable” and “can be moved if necessary,” McMenomy said.

Designed to be constructed in a quick, clean, and efficient manner, the parts for Starrco’s products are precision cut, manufactured, and labeled before shipping for quick and efficient installation.  W.W. Cannon has been a certified Starrco installer for some time and manages the installation on projects from start to finish.  In addition to ease of installation, the Starrco buildings offer other advantages in terms of value.

The Why – fast and tax savings
Ball Metal Container Corp Benefits from Prefab Modular Buildings in Dallas TXUnder the 2018 tax law, Starrco prefab buildings qualify as tangible personal property because, unlike permanent structures (designated as real property), modular buildings and offices can be fully dismantled, relocated and reassembled.  This means you can depreciate a Starrco modular building in the same way as other capital equipment such as forklifts, rack and machinery.

“The modular buildings are not permanent structures due to their operational adaptability and ease of reconfiguration. They’re considered equipment for tax purpose benefits and depreciate over time,” McMenomy said.

The Result – a ‘smooth process’
Ball Metal Container Corp Benefits from Prefab Modular Buildings in Dallas TXThe installation of Ball Corporation’s Starrco building took just a few days. As a certified installer, W.W. Cannon did not need to bring additional contractors in on the job and even worked around other projects happening on site.

“We were putting it in while they had other construction projects going on in the facility,” McMenomy said. “We work around the needs of our clients to make sure the job gets done. With good communication, it was a smooth process.”

“Ball Corporation is very pleased,” he said, adding that the client likes the clean, professional appearance of the building.

The area now is consolidated into quality control office and lab where all testing equipment can be housed.  This solution saves time and money by reducing travel time and errors.  A clean and efficient installation process by W.W. Cannon with a professional and high-quality result for Ball Metal Container Corporation.

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