Prefab Building System Expansion

Need Space Fast? Prefab Modular Building Expansion Is The Best Solution

Growth has now got you looking to expand.  With additional space, not only can you tackle larger projects, but you can reach a larger number of customers. More customers ultimately mean more profit.

But how is it possible to expand a business to meet your growing needs quickly while saving a substantial amount of time and money? Prefab modular building systems allow for fast and inexpensive expansion in a myriad of applications.

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What is a Modular Building?

Starrco modular buildings are a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to keep your momentum moving in the right direction. The concept of the modular building has existed for more than 50 years, though, recently the technology has evolved tremendously.

A modular building is a prefabricated space that is engineered for your specific needs and then assembled at your site. Typically, modular buildings are constructed within warehouses or distribution centers but there are outdoor applications as well.

It’s constructed completely, both inside and out, with a prefabricated design. Each part is precision cut, manufactured, and carefully labeled before it is packed and shipped. When the building arrives, it’s already complete—just short of desks, chairs, and new inhabitants. All you need is one experienced installation crew to put the entire system together.

How Can You Expand with a Modular Building?

The ways to incorporate prefabricated building structures into your expanding business are endless. Applications for modular buildings include:Buy Online Guardrail Starters & Adders

  • Modern Office Space
  • Break Rooms
  • CMM Rooms
  • Conference Room Enclosures
  • Shipping & Receiving Offices
  • Secured Access/Point of Entry
  • Foreman Offices
  • Observation Enclosures
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Machine Enclosures
  • Powder Coating Booths
  • Sound, Paint & Dust Enclosures
  • Ticket & Security Booths

How Does a Modular Building Help You?

Starrco modular buildings are fast, clean, efficient, and cost-effective . Depending on the product and customization desired, many modular buildings can be completed within a few weeks from the initial order.

Fast & Cost-Effective – Compared to constructing a traditional building onsite, modular buildings are a much faster option. You’re able to skip the steps of traditional construction, such as receiving bids, creating a design, hiring several contractors, and waiting for inclement weather to cooperate. This simplifies and accelerates the construction process. Ultimately, because so many steps of traditional construction can be omitted, modular buildings turn out to cost thousands of dollars less than the alternative.

Sustainable & Responsible – Starrco modular construction is committed to environmental sustainability. All materials are prefinished in controlled environments at the facility so no cutting, sanding, or painting is required at your jobsite. 95% recycled gypsum board and paper facing made of 100% recycled materials are used for the building walls. The aluminum frames are made of 70% reclaimed or scrap material. And when it’s time for your space to change, there’s no extra waste from demolition as Starrco modular walls are designed to be reconfigured and reused.

Engineered & Future Proof – The prefabricated walls are engineered from designed drawings to custom fit your space.  Components are precision engineered so everything fits together at your site just the way it’s supposed to. The entire finished, ready to install project is delivered right to your job site so you’re free from coordinating access, materials, and additional builders.

The aesthetic appearance and uniformity of the building design lends itself to a professional quality expected in the business world. The versatility and mobility of the modular building allows you to customize the look and transport the building to virtually anywhere in your own facility or even across the country. This allows for future changes and expansion.

 Immediate Depreciation – Section 179 of the tax code allows you to depreciate a Starrco building in the year of installation because it qualifies as equipment. Permanent construction takes 39 years to depreciate.

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