Ladder Hazards in OSHA’s Top 10 List – Step Up Your Safety Standards

Unsafe ladder on work tower
BEFORE – Unsafe Ladder

Did you know falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury and mortality nationwide?  43% of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder.

In fact, ladder hazards are number 7 on OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards.

According to OSHA, in the workplace, as many as 36 fatalities and 25,000 injuries occur every year due to falls from ladders.  This results in employee hardship, an increase of lost workdays, and ultimate decrease in productivity.

Safety Issues Must Be Addressed

After a fall accident occurs, most safety issues are examined and precautions are taken.  But if there is a known safety issue that’s not being addressed, employees are being exposed to significant risk of harm.  Being proactive protects your employees safety and you from unnecessary liability.

For example, our client was concerned about their maintenance workers climbing an old welded ladder on a water treatment container.  The ladder was made of steel, rusting, and was a bit crooked after years of use.  It also had no surrounding cage to prevent falls.  It was very difficult for the workers to safely carry up their tools.

Ladder Replacement Solution

ErectaStep Staircase secured to work tower with slip-resistant safety tread and handrails
AFTER – ErectaStep Staircase

Because their employees needed to carry tools and parts, we presented them with a safe, economical ladder replacement solution.  The aluminum ErectaStep staircase with OSHA approved standards.

Maintenance workers now feel safe carrying tools and parts up and down the safety stairs.  The stair angle allows comfortable ascending/descending.  Handrails provide steady balance.  The platform at the top provides for safe movement and positioning while working.

ErectaStep has an array of modular work platform components such as staircases, enclosed ladders, and platforms.  All are completely versatile and customizable to  create safe workspace configurations: crossovers, assembly line platforms, mezzanine platform access, stair towers, ladder replacement.  Mobile and fixed configurations are available.

ErectaStep Benefits

  • Versatile – can be designed for unique, customized solutions
  • Modular – bolted assembly allows for units to be repurposed into different configurations
  • Pre-engineered Components – saves on custom engineering costs
  • Safety Compliance – built in to the units – lowers risk and increases safety
  • Economical – costs less than custom fabrication
  • In Stock – ready to ship out
ErectaStep Staircase with slip-resistant safety tread and handrails
ErectaStep Slip-Resistant Tread

ErectaStep Safety Features

  • Aluminum foundation won’t rust
  • Platforms have a stamped, slip resistant surface providing solid traction
  • Steps have 26” of walk surface and stamped, slip resistant tread
  • Handrails are powder coated ANSI safety yellow – provides safe climbing assistance

Call us at 800-442-3061 with any questions you may have regarding a safe ladder replacement or customized work platform for your operations.  We’re happy to assist you with consultation.

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