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Pick Module and Workstation Fans

Pick Module and Workstation Fans – Just the Right Size for Personnel and Equipment Cooling in Confined Areas

Pick module fans, also known as workstation fans, are air circulators that are just the right size for cooling personnel or equipment in confined or restricted areas such as mezzanines, order picking lines, and low-ceiling rooms. The quiet version emits 60 decibels, the same noise level as an office setting, and is 70% quieter than an 18” high-velocity fan. At only 12” in height, it provides 50% more clearance for workers than an 18” high-velocity fan. The double blower throws an evenly distributed dual column of air 50 feet with minimal energy consumption. With distribution and fulfillment centers in mind, its’ sleek design seamlessly combines the need for increased air movement with the noise reduction requirements commonly found in today’s modern pick modules. The rack-mount version is available in six sizes and is adjustable in four different directions. These lightweight, racking system-mounted fans produce a high volume of air with a “throw” distance from 40 feet to 100 feet. This is 2-3 times greater than a typical cage or box fan, reducing the number of fans needed. The result is the power of a larger size unit in a compact, easy-to-handle fan. The 20” wall-mounted orbital fan features a 3-speed, high-efficiency motor and includes a remote so you can operate the fan, control the oscillation, and schedule run times - all at the touch of a button. The Jan-Fan workstation fans are available in silver and safety yellow - 12” and 18” sizes. These fans are lightweight and can be placed on a workbench, on the floor, or mounted to the wall or ceiling with the included bracket. Combine these air circulators with energy efficient HVLS ceiling fans to effectively cool large areas. The HVLS ceiling fans establish a strong airflow that moves air over long distances, covering a considerable portion of the large area. This helps in circulating fresh air and reducing stagnant zones. Strategically placed workstation fans complement the HVLS fan’s airflow by directing air to hard-to-reach corners or spots. You can adjust the HVLS fan's speed and direction to set a baseline airflow and then use the workstation fans to fine-tune the cooling for specific requirements. Our solutions experts are happy to visit your facility and make recommendations for a total facility solution or a single problem area. Did I mention we also install and service everything we sell? Review our preferred supplier brochures and give us a call today!


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