Modular Mobile and Stationary Work Cabinets In Stock in Dallas TX

Safe, Secure & Efficient Cabinet Storage for Tools & Small Parts

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Mobile & Stationary Work Cabinets

Locked Cabinet Workbench and Mobile Drawer Cabinet for Tools in Dallas TX

Modular industrial cabinet systems for maximum organization and productivity.

Standard Units are In-Stock and Ready-To-Ship

Rousseau industrial work cabinets are heavy-duty and provide many possibilities for secure and organized tool and small parts storage.  Common sizes are In-Stock with a wide range of configurations and accessories available.

Rousseau drawers have industry-leading durability and the sliding system comes with a lifetime warranty. By choosing our Rousseau work cabinets, you are opting for the most reliable and highest quality products on the market.

We have virtually endless options that will perfectly suit your operational needs. Our consultants stand ready to help you pick out the right cabinet solution to meet your work requirements.

Your product, the way you want it. Configure your own mobile or stationary cabinet with Rousseaus’ MyModel-R Configurator.

Rousseau Shelving & Cabinets Configurator



  • Standard Units are In-Stock and Ready-To-Ship
  • Stationary Drawer Cabinets
  • Mobile Drawer Cabinets
  • Cabinets with Doors
  • Vertical Storage Cabinets
  • Stack & Store Cabinets
  • Stack & Store Cabinet Mezzanine
  • Secured Locking Available
  • Inserts and Partitions Available
  • Virtually Endless Customization & Accessories

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