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DSC00128When the time comes to rethink your storage systems, allow W.W. Cannon to assist with your plans.  We will begin with a comprehensive evaluationof your current space.

Instead of adding on to your square footage, there are other options available to you. Thanks to the Rousseau drawers in shelving system, you can save a huge portion of your storage space. In addition, if you have existing shelving, Rousseau modular drawers can be installed in more than 35 brands of shelving on the market.

DSC00095What To Consider When Organizing Your Storage Space

We can assist you to create a safe ergonomic environment. We recommend placing shelves with more storage space between them at the top of your units for larger items (1), place shelves that are closer together at eye level (2) and use drawers that open 100% for objects that are used often and so that they are easy to find (3).

Multiple Combinations with Rousseau Storage Systems!

The lower portion of the shelving units it perfect for storing heavy items (4). Using a sliding shelf can be very practical for those heavy items at the bottom.

Duo-tone on storage systems: an interesting option! Do something different; opt for two different paint colors on your storage system. Some of our most popular combinations are: avalanche blue and frost white, glossy black with light gray or Carmine red with charcoal gray. Have fun creating your own combination!

Rousseau Metal Endless Storage Solutions
Rousseau Metal Endless Storage Solutions


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Learn more about Rousseau Metal:  Durability, Versitility, Quality, Excellence – Shelving, Bins, High Density Modular Drawers, Mobile Tool Boxes, Workstations and more!

W.W. Cannon is the largest Rousseau stocking distributor in Texas!

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