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Industrial Stair & Platform Components

Erectastep 5 Easy Configurable Components

5 Easy Prefabricated Components For Unlimited Configurations

Prefabricated, Easy to Assemble, Ready to Ship

Virtually endless configurations can be created from just 5 easy prefabricated components. We’ll help you create custom crossovers or industrial stair and work platforms for your specific application.  All modular components are easily assembled, relocated, and repurposed as your needs change.

5 Prefabricated Components Include:

Universal Platform: Aluminum 3’x3′ foundation for all configurations with safety tread surface.

Handrail: Keep pedestrians and workers safe. Easy bolt pattern attaches to platform.

Safety Stairs: Durable aluminum safety stairs with slip resistant tread. Available in 11 heights.

Tower Support: Provides support for all structures available in 11 heights.

Platform Ladder: Ladder components available in 11 heights. Ladders function as a support tower.

  • Made in USA
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Custom configurations




Aluminum fabrication
Aluminum fabrication
Stamped positive-traction walk surface
Handrail and gates are powder coated safety yellow
All prefabricated and ready to ship


  • Made in the USA
  • OSHA Compliant metal stairs
  • Saves time and money with prefabricated design
  • Components bolt together in a snap
  • No welding, special tools or cranes needed
  • No Hot-Permits or production line shut-downs
  • OSHA Compliant metal stairs
  • Available in galvanized and powder-coated steel components
  • Installation takes a few hours and requires little more than a wrench, a hand truck, and two installers.

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